Merlins Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Welcome to our Lounge Bar & Restaurant.


From hearty favourites to classic dishes we have something for all tastes

with a special menu and eals for the kids.

Great Taste, Great Value, Fresh & Delicious

All Day Breakfast     £4.95

Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Hash Brown, Beans or Tomatoes,

Bread & Butter or Toast


Or try our large breakfast for £6.95

Rack of Ribs

Mouth watering BBQ pork ribs with either chips or jacket

potato, peas or side salad and onion rings.

Half Rack £5.95

Full Rack  £8.95

                         Open From :


Monday to Friday     5.00pm to 9.30pm

Saturday                        12.00pm to 9.30pm  Sunday Carvery         12.00pm to 6.00pm

Jacket Potatoes       £5.50

Choose from either


Cheese   Beans   Tuna

Prawn   Coleslaw


All served with side salad

Light Bites                £3.95

Choose from either   French Stick ~ Sandwich ~ Wrap


Chicken   Prawn   Ham

Chicken Tikka   Steak & Onion   Chilli & Cheese Wrap

CheeseTuna   Spicy Vegetable Wrap


All served with side salad and potato crisps

Burgers                  £5.95

Choose from either


Classic Burger   Cheese Burger   Chicken Burger


All served with chips, salad and onions

Kids Corner           £2.95   including a glass of squash

Choose from either

Classic Burger   Cheese Burger   Sausage    Chicken Nuggets  

Fish Fingers

All served with chips, beans or peas

Main Courses            £6.95

Our classic main courses ~ Choose from either


Lasagne     Scampi     Ham


Choose 1 from : Chips, Jacket Potato or Mash Potato

Choose 1 from : Beans, Peas or Side Salad

Classic Fish & Chips  £6.95

Crispy batter on the outside with chunky fish on the inside


Choose from either :Beans or Peas

Giant Yorkie               £6.95

A giant Yorkshire pudding filled with 3 delicious pork

sausages, creamy mash potato, peas and onion gravy

Sirloin Steak               £9.95

Tender sirloin steak with either chips or jacket potato,

peas or side salad. Served just how you like it.

Manze’s Pie & Mash

The most famous and traditional Pie & Mash in the world.

Served with mash and liquor.

Single    £4.95

Double   £7.95